Current Projects:


Kat and Robn

Kat and Robn are an acoustic duet albeit an eclectic one! Both are multi-instrumentalist so you will hear guitar, flute, mandolin, sax, harmonica and beautiful harmonys. They are incredibly friendly and with a song list as varied as Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Marshall Tucker, Dolly Parton & Elvis they are not the typical acoustic duet! Their experience with previous and present bands give them a unique blend of musical influence which is obvious in their performances at Festivals, Special events and Weddings.


Plane Rock Band

The Plane Rock Band is a show band and is one of Central Florida’s few bands with a horn section. The band crosses many genres performing everything from Rock n Roll to Jazz, Contemporary Christian to Blues. The Plane Rock Band brings back memories of the great concerts of the 70’s and the bands that most of us grew up with thus, unites the generations of all the rock n roll decades since the 50’s. Plane Rock Band plays Classic Rock from the 60’s and 70’s layered with guitars, synthesizers and horns with a rich blend of vocals, drums and latin percussion bridging the gap between rock, jazz and blues.


Elvis Tribute Band

The Plane Rock Band joined with Kenn E Grube, Central Florida’s Elvis Tribute Artist, as a backup band performing Elvis Presley shows to fans throughout the country. The PRB recently had the honor of backing up renowned Award Winning Elvis tribute artists Bill Cherry and Randy Walker.


SARATOGA  The Band (coming soon)

Currently in rehearsal, the band is staged to debut in 2015!  More info to come. Stay tuned!

Charity Projects:


Play It Forward Band

Our awesome volunteers who donate their musical talents to help charitable organizations.   More to  come……

Previous Projects:

Band pic for Web (1)

Kathyjo and the Bluzification Band

A smokin’ combination of Classic and Original Rock-N-Blues.  Bluzification muscians:    KathyJo, (Vocals) Thommy DeRosa (Bass, Harmony) , Bud Pooton (Percussionist), Chris Linkous (Guitar) and Clint Meier (Harmonica).   You can order their all original CD, “On A Run”  at the KJ Store.


KJ and Witness

A blend of Classic and Original Christian Contemporary and Country. Left to right: Dennis Metzler (Percussionist), Aaron Hale (Guitar, Vocals) , KathyJo Meier (Vocals, Guitar)  Jeff Walker (Bass), Clinton Meier (Harmonica)


Billy Hale and Sweetwater

A Christian Fusion of country and bluegrass. Don (Steel), KathyJo Meier, (Vocals),  Billy Hale (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals), Becky Hale (Harmony) Clinton Meier (Harmonica), 

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