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The Story

KJ started out singing gospel with Billy Hale & Sweetwater  and  KJ & Witness.   After forming The Bluzification Band, KathyJo shared the bill with national artists like Marshall Tucker Band, Atlanta Rhythm Section and David Allen Coe.  Her all original Blues/Rock CD: ON A RUN, was released in 2008.  

The Influences

Life, Love & the struggles that make this  world worth being in, are a constant inspiration to writing and voice.

KJ music blends classic rock, acoustic melodies, & blues to create a unique sound. 

Today and Tomorrow

Today KJ performs with the Classic Rock Bands, Katillac Jack and the Plane Rock Band.  Live performances combine her  Originals & favorite Classic covers.  Kj is always is open to collaborating on exciting projects and continues Writing/Recording. 


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